Floral headbands: three’s a trend?

In the past week or so it’s been hard to ignore the strange oversize floral headband that has been adorning the heads of some celebrities.

I don’t know whether to call it a trend, because you need some serious fashion sense to be able to pull it off, and even then I can’t help but think what the hell have you got on top of your head?!

Pixie Lott, Deltra Goodrem and Australian fashion editor Kate Waterhouse have all tried out the oversized floral headpiece trend in the space of just a few days.

Only celebrities can get away with this sort of extravagant look, imagine thinking to yourself I’m going out tonight what can I add to make my look even better? I know, a bunch of flowers on top of my head! I don’t mind those dainty floral headbands that I saw EVERYWHERE during the summer but this is beyond ridiculous.

This should only be seen in your hands when you’re holding a bouquet Deltra Goodrem.

Ok Pixie you can just about pull this off because the rest of your look is black unlike Ms Goodrem above you…

Kate Waterhouse – just a bit fat NO.




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