Time for change Brad Pitt.

Now there may be other things going on in the world right now that are really important, *ahem Obama vs. Romney*, but what pops into the forefront of my mind as footage for his latest movie is released:

Brad Pitt when are you going to cut your hair?

The phase of his current hairstyle is just as long as those luscious locks and I want a shake up from Brad. It’s not just Jennifer Aniston that has been stuck in a hairstyle rut for the past two decades, I’m worried about Brad he needs a shake up heading towards his 50th birthday.

Brad as he is now, and I know he can pull the hair style off but any longer and he may start looking like this again….

We do not want a repeat of this.

Remember his Meet Joe Black hotness? Slightly Beckham too.

Back to this please Brad.


One thought on “Time for change Brad Pitt.

  1. A man approaching 50 with a full head of hair should show it off; he only looks like a boring banker like in the bottom picture when a acting role demands it. Grow it Brad!

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