The backing dancer curse, Cheryl take note.

It just occurred to me that Cheryl (Formerly Cole) is dating her backing dancer.

The look of lasting love?

Back in 2002, that’s 10 whole years ago, J to the L-O was just getting divorced from her backing dancer husband, Cris Judd, after 218 days of marriage.

She looked so pretty, little did she know the backing dancer curse.

Then remember a couple of years earlier when Spice Girl Mel B changed her stage name to Mel G (yeah I’d forgotten this too) after marrying her backing dancer, Jimmy Gulzar? They also went on to divorce a couple of years after getting wed and having  a child together.

Mel G who?

Now I’m no genius, but what does this tell you?

Don’t get jiggy with the hired help backing dancer.


One thought on “The backing dancer curse, Cheryl take note.

  1. It happens with both female and male singers. That is a big reason sometimes when you tune in to Dancing With the Stars there is so much speculation about who may be with who. The dancing brings a sense of intimacy that could become this that you said. 🙂

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