Oh Susannah!

Studded boots are a major trend at the moment, ever since Chloe issued those infamous 2008 pre-fall Susan boots I don’t think anything has ever been so coveted.

Chloe Pre-Fell 2008 Susan

The original Susan boots are even selling on eBay for upwards of £1,00o *gasp*. Chloe reissued the original Susan’s last year but they disappeared into the ether, now relaunched and renamed Susannah the Most Coveted Boots Ever are back and still as hot as they were three years ago.

Available in red or black they are for those who want to be fashion. Or those who like a nice low-heeled boot and studs.

Obviously the main issue for most of us is the hefty price tag of £850. Whilst I could give you a list of reasons why I can spend that much money on a pair of boots that will last a lifetime and the cost per wear would be ridiculously low, I simply could not afford to part with that much cash on just a pair of boots.

But  why do we need to spend that much money when we have the good old high street? Most stores never seem too worried about the possibility of copyright infringement and go right ahead churning out, sometimes near exact, replicas of certain wardrobe must haves.

The best copies of the Susannah boot I have seen so far are over at Zara and Schuh. I want to marry Zara’s red version and am ridiculously tempted by Schuh’s £80 Bob Studded Boots.

Schuh £80, silver studding rather than gold.

Zara £119, less straps more gold studs


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