Real vs. Not Real apparently

**I wrote this last year and never got round to publishing it.

I’m back here again, at that point where I cannot decide between “real” women and models.

They are two completely different categories and it frustrates me no end that “real” women are deemed this when they are curvy and plus size. Why are they “real” and those below size 10 not?

They are real, they exist, women have natural figures that are just simply that slim. I look at models on the front cover of magazines and I enjoy seeing their gorgeous figures, lithe, toned, sexy and fit. It’s exactly what sells millions of copies.

But then Franca Sozzani editrix of Vogue Italia chose to feature three plus-size models on a cover last year as part of an ongoing campaign against pro-anorexia websites. WHAT? I’m sorry but I’m not an expert on anorexia or any related eating disorder and will never claim to be, but why are plus-size models the opposite of anorexia sufferers as it seems Sozzani is saying.

She says: “A growing number of readers are now asking to see – even in fashion magazines – a real world, made of real people who are not obsessed with staying thin, but are able instead to naturally accept and respect their bodies as they are.

“Fashion has always been blamed as one of the culprits of anorexia, and our commitment is the proof that fashion is ready to get on the frontline and struggle against the disorder.”

So instead those who are suffering from a serious illness should aspire to pile on pounds and become curvy some would say overweight because that is what is “real”? But wouldn’t gaining a smaller amount of weight to be a healthier version of yourself be much better, so say aspire to be like Brooklyn Decker or Kim Kardashian, curvy but slim women? Is this my warped version of a perfect figure or is that what I have been programmed to see as normal, as “real” to me?

Franca Sozzani looks like this by the way.


One thought on “Real vs. Not Real apparently

  1. Love this article!! I have a profile on Google Plus where I posted a photo of Kate Upton ( a slender but also curvy woman) and the men were almost unanimous in saying that she was not curvy and needed to eat more. I was what?? I know slender and thin, waif thin like Kiera Knightly! It makes me upset because it makes me think they want an Anna Nicole Smith look-a-like. Sigh.

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