The best from Coachella

It seems like everybody went to Coachella at some point over the both weekends it was on, and once again I was not one of them.

This festival is one of the first in the summer (nearly) season, albeit in the US but still it’s as much of a fashion show as it is about the music. Plenty of trends were a-popping but the main style staple were denim cutoffs, in every kinda style.

Something so easy to copy and denim is a fantastic material to customise, I already have mine ready for Leeds Fest 2012 in August:

The studs are actually gold which for some reason doesn't show in this! (Originally from Topshop)

Back to the celebs at Coachella, my ultimate favorite look from the festival has to go to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Those gams. That hair. And that body. She looked flawless in a pair of Christopher Kane embellished shorts and a simple white J Brand shirt open to reveal a bikini top, Givenchy boots finished off this great twist on casual dressing.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at Coachella

Kate Bosworth has never been a firm favourite of mine, but her Isabel Marant cowboy shirt had to be hands down the best thing I saw. I will definitely be hunting out a western inspired lightweight shirt for this summmer. She is a great day dresser, minus a couple of accessories you can never go wrong with Isabel Marant Dicker boots though… I will own a pair one day!

Kate Bosworth at Coachella

Another sight that made me smile with glee was the sight of my favourite ever couple Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson. They love Coachella and were spotted there last year with another cool couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. Thank god they were there again this year, after rumours buzzed about on the internet the other week that the couple had split I started to worry but lo and behold they are back and look as in love as ever!

The gang back together at Coachella this year, Josh Jackson, Nina Dobrev, Diane Kruger and Ian Somerhalder. Yey.

Diane and Josh back together. Diane is wearing a Stella McCartney Palm Print Dress, £170 and those Dicker boots.

Rihanna was there at the festival to perform with Calvin Harris, she jumped off stage to sing with her BFF Katy Perry who was in the crowd. The one time she can get away with a cropped bra top has to be at a festival, and this PEACE top and a Chanel bomber jacket paired with the best studded denim cutoffs I have seen, looked fit.

Rihanna at Coachella.

Oh and I can’t post about Coachella without mentioning Joe Maganiello. Shirtless. Dreamy.

Joe Maganiello. Shirtless at Coachella.

Other majah celebs in attendance were Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, not worth a picture because they looked like homeless people. Katy Perry of course was there with her rumoured new beau Robert Ackroyd of Florence + the Machine, wonder if she will ever get that tattoo the same as Russell’s covered up? Emma Watson with her new boyf, lacking in good hair (poor pixie crop). Gerard Butler, Alexander Skarsgaard, Emma Roberts with on again boyf Chord Overstreet, Dita Von Teese with Hurts frontman boyf, Zoe Kravitz and Penn Badgley looking like the 90’s barfed on them and various others.


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