Friendsheet or Pinterest?

So Pinterest has been bubbling under the surface for a while now, a few celebrities have raved about how good it is so it’s dying to break the surface and pierce our own minds.

What’s interesting though, is that it is based in Palo Alto, California. Sound familiar? That’s the where Facebook headquarters are located.

There have been rumours that Pinterest is owned by Zuckerberg and one thing that has made this even more likely is the roll out of a new Facebook app ‘Friendsheet’.

“Mark Zuckerberg likes Friendsheet” popped up on my newsfeed about fifteen minutes ago, a quick follow through to the link and a few clicks to allow this app to access my info and lo and behold Friendsheet looks and acts the same Pinterest but the best part of it is it’s already integrated with all your Facebook photos (and your friends) that have recently posted.

What does this mean for Pinterest? Will it lose it’s edge if Friendsheet is so easily accessible and with a full ‘pinboard’ already in existence without having to add any to it. Everything you have seen in your newsfeed is now on Friendsheet in a waterfall of pictures, even more aesthetically pleasing than status updates and links.

Was Pinterest just a test, a way to see how it would work and if the Facebook public liked it? Well they must have because here is Friendsheet and it looks like Zuckerberg wants you to like it.

FYI – The site says Friendsheet was developed by Zachary Allia he lives in Palo Alto and apparently doesn’t work for Facebook or Zuckerberg… (Yeah right). 



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