I really wanted to come out of the cinema absolutely buzzing about how good Chronicle was, how found-footage has been rebooted and that the story was gripping and original.

The story was good, but the use of the found footage hindered the movie being really epic. It held it back at the end and it bored me at the beginning.

It was refreshing to see new faces in Alex Russell who plays Matt Garetty, Michael B. Jordan who stars as the popular guy Steve Montgomery and Dane DeHaan** as the weird loner Andrew Detmer.  There are plenty of movies around at the minute that just get released and promoted from the star power of an actor’s name (*ahem* Nicolas Cage and Reese Witherspoon), so Chronicle starts with it’s own good hype.

That hype I speak of were the trailers that were released in the lead up to the movie, they got me so excited, so excited that I regret watching them because I had high expectations and they were shattered by the time I got to the end of the movie. (I even think I shouldn’t have read @TheIncredibleSuit review of it either!)

The found-footage moved the movie along at a good pace, explaining easily why Andrew is such a loser, and how the leads became infected by some sort of alien rock and then cut to them experimenting with their new-found powers. They use their powers like teens would use telekinesis, to piss about and play tricks on people, acceptable, and like plenty of critics have pointed out very unlike Peter Parker and all of this “responsibility” crap.

What narked me was the horrendous special effects for the simple uses of the telekinesis power. Okay they are using a video camera and the director needs to keep it in the tone of the movie, but a frickin’ floating baseball looks so lame that they may as well have left the string in the edit, the harnesses used for when the characters work out that they can fly is ridiculous. The fact they are clearly hanging and not “flying” is awful. Although the flying plot point does make it interesting (cloud football is cool).

The other problem as Incredible Suit pointed out, is the introduction of  an extra character in the form of Matt’s ex-girlfriend to be another point of view it’s so glaringly obvious you kind of find yourself wondering why she is filming anything at all let alone a doorway “Do you mind if I film you it’s for my blog”.

The story was excellent the execution of the movie was not, it’s petered out of the cinema without a kind of ‘meh’ feeling. According to Box Office Mojo, Chronicle has grossed roughly £60m worldwide since it’s February 3 release date which for a found footage movie without any big names attached to it is pretty good considering This Means War with Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine has just nearly made £40m in the worldwide market since its February 17 release date. (Sucks to be you Reese).

I would say go see this movie, I might even watch it again with a fresh mind and although I was disappointed I thoroughly enjoyed the psycho “destroy everything” ending.

**Total Film says DeHaan looks like a young Leo Dicaprio… so true.

Dane DeHaan // Leonardo DiCaprio


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