Too High Heels

I’m a fan of Victoria Beckham I will happily admit that, ever since she transitioned into a bona fide fashion designer creating amazing dresses and then branching out into accessories I can’t help but be in awe.

I love seeing her treat the airport runway like a catwalk and the sidewalk like her own personal show in  those ‘Daffodile’ Louboutins that she is so fond of to complete the look.

How I’ve always wished that I could wear amazing heels and gorgeous outfits everyday but after purchasing my own version of mega heels from Topshop at five and a half inches they are staggeringly high verging on falling over territory, I have spent two nights in them and am at a loss as to how Victoria and so many others go shopping, carry babies and generally stay vertical without worrying they are going to topple over any second.

Seven hours is my maximum per night, and that was with a little helping from alcohol and a lot of sitting down. Congratulations to all those celebrities out there that look graceful and oh so fashionable (with a lot of help from their chauffeurs). I think I’ll stick to my daytime wedges or just slum it in flats.

* I also spotted these shoes on Topshop, super extreme heels that are obvious copies of the above-mentioned Louboutins.


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