Home Alone

After 21 years since it’s official release, I finally watched Home Alone.

Every year it’s on TV I switch the channel, the idea of the movie seemed really sad, home alone at Christmas? How awful.

But this year I felt it was time to watch it, time to see how a child of eight gets left behind when his family goes on holiday to France. It seems it’s pretty easy to do, but not so easy to get a return flight back home to get the kid.

I admit I did laugh, at the stupidity of the situation but also at the talented Macaulay Culkin who was*, as a child actor, pretty funny. And really he was on his own for like two days, why did he have to do laundry?

It was nice how the scary old man next door was really just lonely missing his family and how Kevin, an eight year old, talked sense into him. It was clever how he set all the traps for the burglars and managed to clean up just in time for his mother and the rest of his family’s return, all by himself, wow.

I’ll probably never watch it again now that I’ve seen it, because if you know me by now I’m not one for Christmas movie time on repeat. The only Christmas movie I like is The Holiday, and I downright refuse to watch Love Actually so don’t make me.

*Was, because unfortunately he has not had a successful starring role since and will only ever be known for Home Alone and My Girl (ironically one of my favourite movies even though it makes me cry). Oh and not to mention being bessies with MJ.


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