How does it end?

I often wonder why I insist on watching a film when it’s on television even if I have it on DVD.

And the same goes for television series, prime example being The OC. I have the complete boxset and have watched it all once, but when there’s an episode on tv I have to watch it because it reminds me of how much I love it and how I’ve always wanted to live in a pool house with the Cohens. But when I have a spare moment I can’t simply pick up a disc from the boxset because I’d have to start from the beginning not just randomly in the middle *shocked face*.

Maybe that’s my answer that it is simply too hard to choose a film to watch from a vast collection, it’s simply easier for someone else to do it for you. Channel 4/E4/Film4 insists on playing Never Been Kissed, I’m not going to complain because it means I don’t have to get off my backside and put the disc in the player myself.

I’ll gladly watch the X-Men series over and over, and even happily be amused at The Wedding Planner and Monster-in-Law (obviously they like J-Lo a little too much).

Also that’s why I can’t fully immerse myself in watching How I Met Your Mother when it’s on E4, I need to start from the beginning and it’s at season 6 or something. I need to know who the characters are and where the ‘inside’ jokes originate from. I simply cannot watch (or read) something halfway through and even if I did I’d still have to go to the beginning another day just to see what I missed out on, and that’s another thing I can NEVER ever fall asleep during a movie. How do people do that? How can you live without knowing how a movie ends, it’s torture! Even if it is horrific. (Only once, okay twice not sat and watched a movie throughout – Wall Street 2 and Winter’s Bone – both boring in really different ways)

Anyway I’m rambling, it was just something I had to get out there. Is anybody else the same? Especially in regards to the seeing a movie through to the very end even if Katherine Heigl is in it. (Life As We Know It – watched it the whole way through. PROUD)


3 thoughts on “How does it end?

  1. try watching 30+ films in 10 days. When its really really bad you take a nap (or walk out, I’ve climbed seats to escape the truly dismal and boring) because of the anticipation that the next one will be amazing and you don’t want to miss that.

    PS winters bone was amazing.

  2. I’m the same…

    Films, relationships, books, jobs – I have a compulsion, sadistic though it may be, to endure each experience to the bitter end.

    Joking aside, the ‘I’ve started, so I’ll finish’ mentality can be such a nuisance. It’s the reason I abided with Winter’s Bone when, really, I could have been doing something, anything, better with my time.

    Sarah x

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