London Comic Con

I’ve expressed my love for Comic Con before, for the stars, the exclusive footage, the cult television shows, PaceyCon and even the geeky fanboys, and this weekend I got the chance to experience what that could be like when I eventually get to San Diego.

It was the London Comic Con MCM Expo this past weekend, and I had access to press passes with a little help from a friend. The schedule wasn’t jam-packed full with movie panels galore nor was it packed with writers or celebs, but there were a couple of young guys that I wanted to get my hands on and they went by the name of Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien.

Tyler Posey // Jill Wagner // Dylan O'Brien

The stars of MTV’s surprise summer hit Teen Wolf, were appearing at the expo alongside their co-star Jill Wagner. Tyler, plays the bitten teen Scott McCall and Dylan the ever-faithful sidekick Stiles, the show is about an awkward teen turned into a powerful werewolf and being hunted by the alpha that bit him. The first season was a 12-episode action fest of animal attacks, hungry hunters and love triangles galore, aimed at the young adult category but a hit amongst the 12-34 category regularly scoring aorund 1.7million viewers per episode.

There are way too many captions for this photo... especially when they were talking about Jill getting hit by Tyler's banana...

The panel was hilarious there’s no doubt about it, the actors were pretty much like their characters if not a little more hyped up and with a few more sexual innuendos thrown in. Questions were asked about Jersey Shore, which of course they loved, to what was coming up in the second season. I managed to ask a question which I thought received a goodish answer (“We know Tyler plays the werewolf but Dylan, is Stiles the real hero of the show, having to keep Scott on the straight and narrow?”), the response was he sees Stiles as the sidekick and in the first season was a bit of a hero but says in the second season we will see Scott becoming a hero in his own right whilst trying to find a lycan cure.

Here’s a moment  when I got a photo with Dylan and Tyler, they are too adorable…

Dylan thought I wanted a hug I wanted a picture, I really wasn't complaining...

I am way to happy in this...

Caught in a moment of thanks

I got what I came for and I couldn’t have been more pleased! But that wasn’t the only thing that went on over the weekend, there was a panel with The Secret Circle a new show that premiered this fall with one of the stars of the show Jessica Parker Kennedy. It was short but sweet as she answered the inevitable how did you get into acting question (which FYI someone asked in every panel, OI we know how they got into acting we IMDb’d them before we came!) and a question about the show. She apologised for being the only cast member there, and said she was going straight back to filming after her London visit.

There was a panel from a show called Sanctuary, admittedly I don’t even watch this but the two actors, Jonathon Young and Agam Darshi, from the show were really engaging and talked a lot about the show and their careers (that question AGAIN) and there seemed to be a fair few fans in the audience so there were no awkward silences. It even made me think about checking out the show and seeing what it’s about.

Jonathon Young // Agam Darshi

There was an appearance from Aaron Ashmore of Smallville fame (Jimmy Olsen) he was there promoting his Syfy show Warehouse 13, I’m not going to lie and say I paid attention to this panel because the guy he was with was super boring and had that anal American accent that goes right through you.

Aaron Ashmore // Lucas Bryant

The main focus of the Comic Con though was of course its namesake, from anime to Batman, to World of Warcraft, everywhere you turned there were people dressed up as their favourite Cosplay character. There were a few scary moments in the form of Darth Vader, a girl in a freaky fox head complete with tail and jeans (?!) Endless amounts of effort had gone into all kinds of costumes, it was like a bigger version of Halloween.

Back to the Future car replica featuring Doc

SPOTTED: Doctor Who and Captain Jack having a chinwag

Also a complimentary nighttime shot of the London Eye, which I couldn’t believe how big it was!



4 thoughts on “London Comic Con

  1. I love these pictures. Your so-giddy-I-could-pee-my-pants excitement is completely adorable.

    Last week, I had a picture taken with Katy B – after the most amazing gig I’ve ever, ever seen – and was similarly ecstatic.

    She’s much less easy on the eye than Tyler Posey, mind… ;0)

    Sarah x

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