Mini, midi or maxi?

I saw Style Souk tweet this question the other day with a link to an article from the Telegraph fashion section and wondered what I would really answer to this question?

I’ve owned mini skirts but not really in stylish sense that are so popular right now, the staple denim mini and a couple of other ones that I probably wouldn’t wear again are in my wardrobe but I don’t think I would go out to purchase a mini skirt right now. I’d rather by a short dress…

The problem I have with midi skirts is odd. I like the style, shape, patterns they come in and can’t believe how good they look when I see them on the pages of fashion mags. However, now every time I’m in my home town (which is choc-a-bloc with OAP’s) I can’t help think how stylish they look. WHAT? Yes that is correct, the midi is the summer style staple of grannies up and down the country Everywhere you turn there’s a sliver of calf and then a swoosh of midi. Brights, floral, stripes, and chiffon any look you can think of. So then I get the urge to go to a granny store see what treasures I can dig up but my brain tells me this is not a good idea hence the midi also not been a good idea. I know there are ways to ‘sex’ up the look but for now I cannot get my head around the granny favourite.

So it’s the maxi that’s the winner for me, floaty or tight, and easy to wear. I have a nude chiffon one with a mini skirt underneath so I guess it’s a mixture but perfect to dress up or dress down especially for the summer months. I have a black fitted jersey one that is a casual alternative and a few maxi dresses to add on top of that. WINNER.

I think if I were to sample the midi style it would be the pencil, the new styles around this season are fitted, tailored, casual, glam, leather and lace, a shed load of choice maybe I’ll dip in and try one out…

PU leather pencil rib side skirt £36 // Jersey pencil skirt £25 // PU waistband pencil skirt £30 all Topshop


One thought on “Mini, midi or maxi?

  1. I’m with you on this one…

    At 30, I feel over the hill for a mini. Floaty midi skirts, though beautiful and romantic, create the impression that my arse could dwarf the London Orbital. And maxis?

    Well… they allow me to forego shaving and so win every damn time.

    Sarah x

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