Herome Nail Hardener

I’m lucky enough to have nails that look long even when in fact they are super short, so I’ve always just cut them whenever they get  a bit of growth on them to keep in with the short square nail trend. But that’s all a-changing, long oval nails are the trend du jour and I thought I’d give it a go after seeing so many cool designs on Sophy Robson’s site and on the catwalks.

What my main problem is, and I don’t know whether it’s down to diet, weak nails or from always wearing nail varnish, but my nails always split. It’s really frustrating because just when I think my nails are looking ok, bam, that annoying bubble pops up at the end of my nail and ruins the whole look because I just cannot resist picking it off.

So I take to the internet trawling through sites to see what anybody recommends in terms of strengthening nails. Blog searches are so much better for this kind of thing because people like to help, they tell you what they have used and whether they liked it and it seems more reliable than hunting down a brand website who of course are going to recommend their product whether it’s rubbish or not.

Back to nail extraordinaire Sophy Robson, who’s work has just featured on the cover of Vogue Espana September issue on the likes of none other than Eva, Helena and Claudia, she recommends using Herome Nail Hardener and who’s to ignore a professional? So there I go hunting down where I can purchase this bottle of pearlescent fluid and would you believe (the names a dead giveaway) that it’s French and only available in France. Great. But lo and behold eBay tends to my needs and a lovely seller promises to dispatch my delivery within seven days which is not a long time at all (it comes within three) although it doesn’t come cheap at £11.30 with a delivery charge of £6.98 EEK. But I want strong nails I tell myself.

Herome Nail Hardener (strong) all the way from Francais!

Reading the instructions it documents the treatment you should adhere to that promises strong hard nails within two weeks! I abruptly laquer it on, you must apply one coat and then the next day apply a second and the third take it off and start again. This is probably the most laborious part of the treatment because it’s all well and nice applying two thick coats giving you a nice sheeny basecoat it’s an absolute bugger to take off and I went through plenty of nail varnish remover over the two weeks.

I don’t know what I was really expecting, for the varnish to soak into my nails and stop them from splitting yes, but really all it did was protect my nails while they grew but still split. So in between times of taking off the varnish I filed and shaped my nails to try and keep splitting to a minimum. It also advises you to get rid of your cuticles, and the more I wish I had because it seems to dry them out and leave them looking a bit messy.

The instructions also mentioned that you can only do this treatment a maximum of TWO times a year. Huh? It says the ingredients are quite strong and that it is not recommended to do the two week treatment often but you can use it as a base coat when you paint your nails regularly. Does that not defeat the object because I don’t know about anyone else but I paint my nails about five times in a fortnight period so would be continually putting the product on. Plus by the time you have finished the two week treatment half the bottle has disappeared!

I think overall this is a good product to use as a base coat, but the two week intensive treatment is not worth using up half a bottle on. It seems like it needs to be used over a period of time as your nail is growing with occasional breaks from the chemicals in it. As I’m still growing my nails I will give an update of whether they have strengthened because it seems only fair to Herome to give it a good try!

For now I have returned to my colourful manicures, with an added touch of matte, a nail trend that has popped up on the radar at Chanel and on Sophy’s blog. I bought Rimmel’s matte top coat and am very impressed with the result especially when it’s only £4.59 a bottle!

Barry M’s Peach Melba with the matte top coat, you can just about tell that it’s not shiny (excuse the chipped nail)


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