Crossover boot: Taupe vs Black

Just looking over Fashion Toast and this post caught my eye, the gorgeous Dicker boot by Isabel Marant that obviously goes with everything is the perfect Summer to Autumn crossover boot but at £315 on net-a-porter I think I’ll give them a miss. And as Rumi points out she struggled to decide between the taupe and black version (buying both because she can!). I am constantly finding myself in this dilemma, black sometimes looking too black and taupe breaking up the colour palette whilst still being neutral.

Upon purchase of my new crossover boots, a pair of wedge lace ups in suede from Topshop, I chose black. Why? Because clever Mother pointed out that taupe in the autumn/winter with all the likeliness of wet/snow would stain the suede, at least in black it is less noticeable. So black it is. I tried on a few things to see what they look like and they look great with my high-waisted denim shorts. Boots and shorts? Yes.



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