The lovefest continues

I’m still loving all the attention the Royal newlyweds are getting, Wills and Kate, the Prince and the Princess, oh how genuinely happy they look together. Their tour of Canada was fantastic, I don’t care that each news piece was simply an updated version of the couple’s itinerary for that specific day, I want to know exactly what they were doing and what they were wearing whilst doing so. Kate is so pretty, still on the skinny side but dare I say it may be why she is so easily accepted into the media spotlight, what would they say if she was slightly rounder and less slimline, probably wouldn’t be so kind. Her long locks and bright radiant smile are her selling point, and her carefully planned wardrobe for the trip were put together very well, so kudos to the person who helped her out.

Their tour overseas ended in LA, with a BAFTA Brits to Watch event that saw 42 Brits named as up and comers in their field of entertainment, film and television alongside some of the more glamourous Hollywood A-listers such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks et al. To be honest I haven’t seen many pictures with the Brits that attended but plenty of the American stars that wanted their audience with royalty. My favourite picture of the night has to be J to the L-O chatting to the future King and Queen. That sentence, seriously who could ever have predicted that “Jenny from the Block” would get to chat to royalty, never.

Jennifer Lopez chats to Prince William and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.

Hi my name is J-Lo and this is my ass.

Prince William and Catherine arrive.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen.

Cat Deeley fighting the Brit corner in pre-fall Christian Dior '11.

Ed Westwick looking super dishy, no bow-tie here but some leather straps. Hot. (Simon Spurr leather dickie ooo)

Dominic Cooper my you're looking handsome. (Burberry)

Blake Lively, and no sight of her boobs or her legs in Marchesa. Lovely dress just not very Blakey. Next please!

I heart Zooey.


2 thoughts on “The lovefest continues

  1. It’s difficult to admit this – as an anti-royalist – but…


    I am hopelessly infatuated by Kate and William. ;0)

    They look to be so happy and in love, it’s genuinely lovely – which suggests that the hopeless romantic in me trumps the anti-monarchist.

    Hope you’re good, sweetie!

    Sarah x

  2. This is why I’m infatuated, the love is so real it makes me think it does really exist and not just in Hollywoodland…

    I am great thank you for asking! I hope you are too, and that one day you won’t be extremely busy with what life is throwing out and share some of your delightful words!


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