Katie Holmes wins an award (how?)

Ahem. Katie Holmes attended the Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future Awards, and won the “Face of the Future” award. How is this even possible apparently she was given the award as recognition of her work in the film industry and the potential to have a long career in Hollywood.

Excuse me but is anyone aware of a successful movie, scrap that ANY movie Katie Holmes has done in the past 5 years? According to a search in IMDb she is best known for Batman Begins, Dawson’s Creek, Go and Pieces of April the latest been Batman in 2005 as Rachel Dawes, a character that everyone knows she lost out to in the sequel to Maggie Gyllenhaal. Sucks to be you in ’05 Katie.

We then know what followed next, her movie career flagging considerably she marries a Hollywood heavyweight in Tom Cruise in 2006 who previous to this made an idiot of himself by jumping up and down on a couch. It’s rumoured amongst the mills that Katie thought her career would be given a huge boost by marrying an A-list actor but not so far, her 2010 film The Romantics went by virtually unnoticed and her up coming R-rated horror Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is unlikely to be received well and probably won’t make that much money being an R-rated not family friendly fright-fest.

So my problem is still how the hell did Max Mara think Katie Holmes was worthy of this “Face of the Future” award? (I wonder if there was a sly donation from the Scientology fund) I know it isn’t the Oscars, Golden Globes or the Baftas but still to be worthy of this when all she ever gets column inches is for yet another fashion disaster or the fact that her child was seen holding a pack of penis sweets is beyond me.

After her Dawson’s Creek days who could have predicted she would have the worst career?! Holmes is just an absolute yawn fest. Her clothes are boring, her acting is boring, and amongst a sea of up and coming actresses some as young as 13 ( Elle Fanning) she’s probably not got a chance in hell.

Katie Holmes looking nice (plain) in Max Mara


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