Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

I wasn’t sure if it was just a rumour with well placed paps organised by clever PR’s, but judging by these pictures there can be no disputing that my favourite style crush Blake Lively is dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Absolutely brilliant move, Blake a star in television and slowly making her name in movies, dating a Hollywood heavyweight like DiCaprio will definitely catapult her right up to the A-list and is perfectly timed with the up coming release of her new blockbuster movie Green Lantern alongside another rumoured beau Ryan Reynolds.

Looking very close on a boat in Cannes, with Steven Speilberg and his wife and Leonardo's best friend Lukas Haas

*Just to add more fuel to the Blake fire, nude pictures have surfaced. Uh-oh. But you’re not really a celeb until you’ve had a naked scandal, but tut tut, even though her rep has totally denied it’s her despite the oh so uncanny resemblance… Go to dlisted and follow the link.


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