All hail Queen B

She debuted her new single the other week and then followed the video, after that a storming performance of Run the World (Girls) at the Billboard Music Awards where she was honoured with a Millenium Award for being the artist she has become today and then another fantastic show on Oprah’s final season. And now slowly but surely, on Facebook it seems Beyonce is releasing her track list for the new album simply titled ‘4’, 4 after her date of birth, 4 after the date of her marriage, and 4 after her fourth solo album. Of course it’s going to be massive, 28th June it is to be released and then hopefully will follow the announcement of a new worldwide tour as this is the way B does things. She’s taken the time out to be a wife and to enjoy her life, now she’s back and she’s as Sasha Fierce as ever. I couldn’t be more excited.

First we have:

12. Run the World (Girls)

11. I Was Here

10. End of Time

9. Countdown

8. Love On Top

7.  Start Over

6. Rather Die Young

5. Party (ft Andre 3000)

4. Best Thing I Never Had

3. I Miss You

2. I Care

1. 1+1


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