Mollie King snaps up Randy Gandy

My nickname for the hot male model has stuck, David Gandy is one fine male specimen and I definitely would have put him with a Hollywood A-list superstar or a Victoria’s Secret model for sure not a sugary pop star and 1/5 of The Saturdays. I know it’s been public knowledge for a while but I forgot to write about it what with the Royal Wedding happening and everything inbetween.

Mollie King the cute blonde one from The Saturdays has bagged herself a male supermodel, never in a million years would I have thought these two would step out together but would you have it the couple have been spotted out together quite a few times over the past month cementing their relationship status as the hot new thing in town. She’s one lucky gal, after reading his blog he comes across as a genuinely nice, clever and smart guy, how perfect.

Now I’m going to keep an eye on the transformation that is sure to follow in Mollie, less nights out with the girls more swanky A-list bashes. Now she has the key to the red carpet and not the one of a tacky television awards show but one to the fashion world where I’m sure any girl would love to be. No more high street for Ms King more like his favourite label D&G or a bit of Ralph Lauren if Randy points her in the right direction. Check out this sweet video of the two talking to Marie Claire at the Inspire & Mentor party.

I'm not jealous at all...



2 thoughts on “Mollie King snaps up Randy Gandy

  1. Gah, could I be any more jealous?

    I wouldn’t ever have imagined these two together… but, actually, they’re incredibly cute.

    I may have to go out and buy myself a ‘Mollie King’ voodoo doll and some pins tomorrow… ;0)

    Hope you’re well, lovely.

    Sarah x

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