Rachel Bilson enjoys a Magnum

I heard Rachel Bilson was working with Karl Lagerfeld a couple of months ago, I was beyond excited, what could it be about why her why him? And so I find out that Magnum ice cream are launching in the US (who knew they weren’t a global brand already?) and enlisted Karl Lagerfeld to direct a series of short films with Rachel Bilson starring and also featuring his favourite boytoy model Baptiste Giabiconi to promote them. I wonder how much Karl is getting paid for that, he recently admitted to W Magazine that he doesn’t even like ice cream or chocolate for that matter and claims that he hasn’t eaten sugar for 10 years and that he “eats with [his] nose”. WHAT?!

The first film was released at the Tribeca Film Festival entitled Photo Mood. We see a starlet (Bilson) being directed by a demanding photographer (Giabiconi) when a Magnum ice cream catches her eye, she stops the shoot to grab one out of the freezer that they just happen to have on set. It’s odd to say the least, there is no point to the ice cream, and no relation to what the shoot is about which usually happens when ad campaigns like this happen. Ah well, hopefully the next two will be better, Art Class and Applause are yet to be released.

Also today Karl was pictured further promoting Magnum by designing a Paris hotel room made entirely out of Belgian chocolate (the stuff he doesn’t like, yes) and even the model was edible… And as Heat rightly pointed out it looks more like Joey Essex than Baptiste Giabiconi who it was supposed to be. REEM.

Karl stroking a chocolate Baptiste...


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