Jennifer Lawrence in GQ

It’s not like there aren’t enough blonde-haired, doe-eyed hot American actresses out there but as GQ points out this certain actress is only 20 and already Oscar-nominated for Winter’s Bone, a little unknown film that earnt her a best actress nod.

And like GQ also says no one cared that she didn’t win when she rocked up in a red hot Calvin Klein dress.

Jennifer Lawrence will be hitting our screens this summer in her first big blockbuster, X-Men: First Class, as Mystique. Rightly so she has to be in the best shape of her life and her shoot for GQ proves just this, I was a little concerned about the way she looked in her costume on the cover of Empire magazine but I’m sure the hotness will transfer to the big screen as well as her Oscar-nominated acting talent.

Marc by Marc Jacobs romper

Top by D&G

Bikini by Chloe

Bikini by Chloe, sandals by D&G


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