WonderCon 2011: Green Lantern and the absence of X-Men

WonderCon, we shall say is the baby sister of ComicCon, the three day weekend that has fanboys over in America squealing with delight. Mainly showcasing stalls and stalls of comic backissues, and then movies based on comic books this is a big hitter for the actors, actresses, directors and producers of the movies that are to follow this year.

The big one for me was the preview of Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan and Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, other stars include Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard and Geoffrey Rush. The preview scenes are fantastic, not being picky because I aren’t familiar with the actual comic book itself the film itself looks brilliant. The effects don’t look overdone but it is to be in 3d, Ryan Reynolds is funny which is always a good thing and I can’t help it but he looks hot in the suit. There were no teasers of Blake Lively’s Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire costume, but apparently she hinted that she requested for more material, so boys I’m sure you’ll all be happy that Blake has her boobs out no doubt a definite trademark of hers.

According to Latino Review, Ryan Reynolds was asked a fair few questions about the ominous Deadpool. He deflected some, but the main gist is that he’s waiting on Fox and that the Justice League movie is “in development”, he said he didn’t want to get into the Deadpool stuff in regards to an individual movie but said of the Deadpool character – “He’s not a villain, he’s an asshole”.

A big vacant hole was left by X-Men: First Class not appearing at WonderCon, which surprised me considering its release at the beginning of June, but I’m assuming it will just rely heavily on its huge fanbase rather than having preview teasers although a panel would have worked well. It would be nice to see an official poster rather than that shitty one that was released on the net a few months ago that didn’t even look real.

Empire magazine debuted its double cover X-Men edition, featuring James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, Nicholas Hoult as Beast and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique who does not look as good as Rebecca Romjin did but I’m assuming she will look better on screen. The alternate cover sees Michael Fassbender as Erik Renshaw, January Jones as Emma Frost and Jason Flemyng as Azazel whos costume make up I’m not familiar with that looks pretty cheap.


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