Black hair sucks #2

I tend to moan ALOT about my hair, I want it normal. And when I say normal I mean straight like a white person’s hair. Have you ever met a black or mixed race person that has natural curly hair? It is a rarity.

And as I mentioned before “The pressure for black women to look like their white counterparts is enormous, and I’m hegding my bets in saying black celebrities are to blame for this”. Yes they are. But imagine my surprise when I see Raven Symone with natural hair. She’s got rid of her lovely long stylish weave to reveal a short head of wispy curly hair.

Raven Symone au natural

I ain’t gonna lie, it looks awful. To me that is exactly what I would hate to have my hair look like. It’s not a style, it isn’t fashionable – because natural afro hair never is –  it looks like poodle curls. She must have known this because literally within a week of revealing the crop she was back to her weave best.

To those out there who have a massive afro are lucky because they were confident enough to not relax their hair and keep it au naturel, but I bet the majority of those with a neat round ‘fro are guaranteed to be a hairpiece. Yes again, completely hypocritical you may think to have a fake afro on your head but it is near impossible for one to be real and look good.

Raven with the long weave


5 thoughts on “Black hair sucks #2

  1. Shall I let you into a secret? I’m white. And my hair ain’t straight.

    Ah, I rhyme now… ;0)

    If it wasn’t for the saviour of industrial-sized bottles of Kerastase and heat products, I’d look like a victim of electrocution!

    Sarah x

  2. Ha ha I see, poor you I’m afraid!lol!

    Yes your Galliano article was fantastic, you honestly have an amazing way with words. Perfectly balanced and well argued, definitely deserved a retweet!


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