Black people tan.

Not that I normally read the Daily Star newspaper, btu as I turned up for a shift at work it was lying on the table and of course it caught my eye with an image of Beyonce on the front. So there I turn to page 7 to see the headline “You feeling all white Beyonce?”.

The Daily Star

I’m thinking that’s an odd headline she’s in a black dress, oh no wait it’s in reference to her skin. “Fans fear she bleaches skin like tragic Jacko” comes the claim. This cannot infuriate me more. As a mega Beyonce fan and also mixed race I can’t believe that the media are reporting that Beyonce is bleaching her skin, just because she looks pale in a photograph.

I do not wish to offend but has anyone ever heard of a tan? Yes white people sunbathe and go brown, black people tan and go darker. What happens when white people lose their tan they go pale and white again, what happens to black people especially mixed race when they lose their tan, they go pale.

I hear people say but black people can’t get a tan? Wtf, are you serious?

Beyonce seems to have not had chance to catch a little sun, so yes of course she looks pale. Right now I could probably pass as white I’m so pale and in desperate need of sunshine, I couldn’t go to a tanning salon in fear of being looked at funny or buy fake tan without the cashier wondering what the hell I was doing.

I will instead show you what a black tan is. Beyonce’s hair is a lighter shade of blonde, which is nothing new because she has been this blonde before, get over it Daily Star and everyone else. Jacko had serious problems, Beyonce for all I can see definitely does not.

Can you see the difference?


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