Smallville: Superboy?

Things are heating up in the world of Smallville, in its tenth and final season rumours are rife that Alexander is not all he seems.

For those of you up to date with season 10, you will be aware that Lex in all his madness, and before he disappeared back in season 8, developed clones of himself and one has managed to survive.

Alexander escaped from the care of Tess (who we have just found out is also a Luthor, convenient?) and tried to kill ‘The Blur’, because he has all of Lex’s memories of deep hatred for the alien, but hit the lovely Martha Kent instead. I won’t go into much detail as it will soon become very confusing, but at the end of the last episode Tess tried to put down the poor young clone and found his skin unbreakable.

Originally, I thought that the young Alexander would mature to become Michael Rosenbaum (who has just been confirmed for ‘Finale’) by the final episode. But then how is it possible his skin is unbreakable? Then I just assumed it was because he was a clone and had extra abilities, but a fellow fan pointed me in the direction of just who Alexander really is…

Superboy aka Conner Kent

Superboy. Yes that’s right, half Clark Kent and half Luthor (the same fan also described the character as the gay lovechild of Lex and Clark go figure) he is genetically modified to possess the powers of Superman and implanted with memories from the evil Lex.

However upon further research it has become clear that Superboy (Connor Kent or Kon-El) is actually a force of good and so would probably in terms of Smallville be on the same team as Clark and his fellow Justice members. How does Lex come into this in the final two episodes? How can Rosenbaum turn Lex Luthor into the devil we all know him to be?


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