New Skins: yay or nay?

Last night was the second episode of series 5 of Skins. A much loved drama about a bunch of teens doing crazy shit and acting like absolute loons. Well that was the case in the first 4 series, not so much in this one.

(L-R) Rich, Franky, Nick, Matty, Alo, Liv, Mini, and Grace

The cast is new, as is customary after two series of the previous cast, and they couldn’t be any more irritating even if they tried. I managed to get through 40 minutes of the second episode and couldn’t stand looking at the long-haired shabby looking music snob that is Rich. I’m being totally shallow I know (that’s part of who I am), but there wasn’t even one likeable thing about this character apart from he cried when Grace did some ballet dancing.

And then there’s Grace, who is a really nice frothy looking Disney-loving ballet princess, who is just too nice and too posh. Liv is a lesbian (yawn). And Mini is probably the only saving grace so far because she’s a complete bitch, but is like, totally sweet about it. Alo who come on is plain ugly, sorry to the actor but it’s fact. Franky who seems to be in an identity crisis that I just can’t associate with, I’m betting there are people out in the world that can, but I would rather have a simple character just to like at least a bit. There are a couple of other characters that are yet to be discovered I believe, if the website is anything to go by, but they need to speed things up and add a bit of male sexiness if they want me as a regular viewer. Plain and simple.

Let’s just look back at the gang of the last series, heeeelloooo Cook the sexy bad boy, Freddie so cute it would probably be illegal, Effy well those eyes (if I were a guy), even JJ had endearing qualities.

The original cast were comprised of Tony (Nicholas Hoult now in Hollywood), crazy Cassie, geeky but slightly sexy Sid, Maxxie the gay dancer, Anwar, Chris and Michelle. Their exploits were the original and the best kind, can the series 5 cast really top it? I’m not so sure, in fact I’m going to watch series 1-4 again in protest.

Even the American version of Skins is so “controversial” brands are pulling there advertising from the show! But check the episodes out they’ve released so far, not bad.


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