Ultimate Girl Crush

I think after so much consideration I have to name Olivia Munn as my Ultimate Girl Crush. There are plenty of women out there that are stunningly beautiful etc, but The Munn is gorgeous, FUNNY and a self-confessed geek. She can laugh at herself and is so laid-back she likes to appear horizontal in magazines. Her latest cover is for Maxim, her second for the men’s mag, she says this one is more personal and settled, “As a woman it’s nice to feel sexy, and I wanted to show something different: that you can be sexy and smart and a 2011 woman.” (Maxim)


4 thoughts on “Ultimate Girl Crush

  1. I agree. She is funny in a sardonic way and catches people off guard because she is beautiful and also funny. And she doesn’t seem to even try too hard to look good in her pictorials. It seems to come naturally to her.

  2. Good call!

    She does seem to be sharply witty and beautiful in very equal measure.

    Though something bothers me: The. Tiny. Blue. Lace. Panties.

    They wouldn’t fit around my wrist… let alone my big fat arse! ;0)

    Sarah x

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