Happy One Year.

I’d like to draw your attention to the fact I have had my blog for 1 whole year. I am quite proud that I have managed to keep up writing and updating my site for this long.

I honestly thought I would grow bored within a few months, but when you realise how much fun it is to tell people what you think about everything and nobody can tell you to stop it becomes more addictive than tweeting.

There were times when I went overboard, a few posts a day, everyday, I’m sure my lovely readers got sick of me and I realised I needed to calm down. But when my favourite celebrities are attending glamourous events and wearing beautifully designed clothes I can’t resist, especially if it’s Blake in Chanel or Diane in Chanel or Rachel in Chanel…

You get my point, here is to another year of fun, frolics and fashion; to Chanel and Karl, to Celine and Pheobe, to Lanvin and Alber; to Karlie, Coco, Karolina, Selita, Abbey, Anja, Freja, Carmen, Erin, Miranda, Naomi, and Rosie.

Chanel FROW 1967

Grand Palais

So it’s nearly the New Year, and I want to revisit Day Twenty Nine of my ’30 Day Challenge’ that I did throughout May and June of this year, “Hopes, plans and dreams for the next 365 days”. They were kind of like my mid-year resolutions some of them I completed and most of them I will carry on throughout 2011:

My plan…

…is to have watched every episode of Dawson’s Creek and The O.C

…is to have lost enough weight to fit into one of my favourite dresses without it splitting (ha ha)

…is to get another tattoo within the next month

…is to make sure I write something poignant and inspiring on my blog by new years

…that I actually pass my degree so I can attend graduation

…I will be successful in something within the next year

…I get a full-time job to pay off my stupid overdraft

My dream…

…is this time next year to be somewhere that isn’t the UK

…is to have my version of a perfect body by next summer


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