Hair of 2010

I think I’d like to crown Michelle Williams with the best Hairstyle of 2010, the ice blonde cropped locks suit her petite features beautifully. Everytime I see her a part of me inside wants to chop all my hair off exactly like that, but it’s soo not practical at all.

Michelle Williams

The dip-dye trend has been mahoosive this year and who better to demonstrate this than Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore.

Rachel Bilson

Drew Barrymore at the premierf Going the Distance, which by the way was one of my favourite movies this year.

The sexiest hair obviously goes to Blake Lively, I mean I could probably give her an award for anything and everything so it’s no surprise. So from ruffled ponytails, sleek dos, and loose tumbling waves Blake can do no wrong.

Blake Lively and a sexy ponytail

With sleek straight hair

Transformation of the year would have to go to Emma Watson, yes pretty obvious, but she was brave enough to chop all of her Hermione locks off. I have grown to like it, but I’m still not sold on the British Vogue December cover, the outfit is too ageing. Although kudos to the person who came up with the entire “Star Issue” idea.

Emma Watson and that crop

And the biggest hair faux pas has to go to that actress with the forehead who I cannot stand. The whingy voice, the googly eyes and the ability to be that horrible (rumoured) to work with none of her male leads want to work with her again.

Yes you Heigl.

Katherine Heigl


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