I’d like to thank…

…Style Souk for bestowing a ” Stylish Blogger” award upon my blog. So now I have to reveal 5 things about myself that my lovely readers don’t know about me and to pass on the baton:

So here goes…

1. This may sound weird but I like to collect shopping bags, but only the good ones. I squeal with excitement (inside) when I get my purchases in a paper bag.

2. I have ridiculously dark hair and have always wanted it to be slightly lighter than it is and started to dye it when I was about 12, but now I have to dye it because when it grows out you can see my grey hairs that are dotted all around my hair line.

3. I suppose this isn’t really something you don’t know about me but I currently watch 10 US television shows every week. It would make my life so much easier if I could live in America and not have to sit and wait for them to load but at least I don’t have a full-time job to distract me.

4. I hate Christmas. (Sorry everybody else in the world but I’d rather have Summer again)

5. The most viewed post on my blog is this!

Not amazingly revealing, but to be fair I do blog about anything and everything so ask me any questions you like and I’ll answer them truthfully and honestly as I can!

So I’m passing the baton on to these people below:


What Serena Saw


Charlotte Taylor

An Outlet for Notions



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