Shaaaaa aaaap

shut·up (shaaa-aap) –interjection 1. An expression of disbelief. 2. Amazement; astonishment. Also, –adjective 1. An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence- the level of satisfaction is proportional to the charismatic level of the expression. 3. Used by Harry to express shock and/or disbelief

This is phrase I cannot stop using, cannot stop saying and love reading on Twitter used by the “professional nosey beggar” that is tweedith.

But where is it from you ask? Well you know really, deep down in your heart even if you won’t admit to watching the guilty pleasure on television at the moment.

The Only Way is Essex. Yeh that’s what.

It’s like genius wrapped up in a bottle of Fake Bake and presented to the world (well to the UK). But why I want to know do I watch it and why does everybody love it? It’s soo hard not to want to tune in every week and laugh your head off at the “characters” and their overdramatic, orange ways.

It’s a real life soap, and I don’t even watch those with so much wonder and astonishment as I do TOWIE. Two episodes a week to see whether Kirk and Amy will finally get it on, whether Kirk can fit anymore lame tattoos on his body, whether Amy will turn black from too much sunbed use, if Mark really is a consistent tw*t to Lauren and whether Lauren puts on her make up with a shovel or a trowel.

It’s intense stuff but the most important person of all, the one that holds the cast together, the glue, the adhesive, it Nanny Pat and her sausage plait. A tv legend in the making, she imparts wisdom on the group and most of all to Mark her grandson. Not that he listens EVER.

No his advice is the worst a person could ever give, he effectively broke up Arg and Lydia, we can’t be having that, oh no. But I’ll let him off as long as he continues to “mentor” Arg in the ways of the women.

I believe it’s coming to an end, no longer will I be able to hear Harry mutter the phrase “shaaaa aaap”, or hear Sam say “that’s so funny” or see Lauren cry again its a sad, sad time. The episode last Wednesday showed a little moment between Amy and Mark is this going to help matters in the BIG FIGHT between Mark and Kirk? Will Kirk see red that Mark made a slight (well edited) move on Amy? Will Lauren and her face jump in the ring to protect Mark’s pretty features? Or will the pressure get too much for Harry and breakdown into the splits? Only tonight’s episode will tell.

Until then I will continue to stalk them all on Twitter and scan the barcode using my smartphone.


7 thoughts on “Shaaaaa aaaap

  1. Good Afternoon, pretty (and naughty Banoffee Pie baking!) lady.

    I wanted to pop in and let you know that I’ve tagged you on my blog for the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’:

    I can’t think of an award more perfect for your thought-provoking and visually sumptuous blog.

    Sarah x

    P.S: I’ve not yet watched ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. As a fiercely proud Yorkshire girl, I’d probably throw a book (or brick!) at the television screen. ;0)

    • Thank you very nuchly for this Sarah!! I’m honoured!

      I will crack right on trying to think of 5 things about myself to reveal!

      Also that is the genius of TOWIE also a Yorkshire lass myself the pure stupidity of the people on the show make me howl with laughter!!

      Thanks again!! Natalie xx

      • You are most welcome! :0)

        I’ve always thought that your blog has a very urban, contemporary feel as though you hail from an achingly cool London neighbourhood.

        To learn otherwise – and, even better, that you’re from my neck of the woods – is to make me like you even more!

        So, whereabouts in Yorkshire are you from?

        Sarah x

      • Oh thanks, I always wonder how people view my blog from the outside looking in!

        I’m from Bridlington in East Yorkshire, obviously Yorkshire is a huge county so I don’t know if you’ve heard of it?

        Natalie x

      • Heard of it…?

        I spent many a summers day paddling in the (worryingly brown!) waters of Bridlington as a child! :0)

        Do you get back home often?

        Living here in London, I can spend whole days (well, okay, a few seconds!) pining for Yorkshire and the sound of a friendly northern accent.

        Sarah x

        P.S: Sorry for such a delayed reply! I am (1) Lazy, and (2) A douche. ;0)

      • I have missed your posts, love the recent ones!

        I’m actually living at home now, after finishing uni it was the cheapest option available! Where abouts in Yorkshire do you hail from? X

  2. Oh Nat I was hoping you would post about this! It’s so good I love it. Harry and Nanny Pat are my definite faves, although I do love the whole Amy/Kirk saga!
    Shaaaaat aaaaap.

    It HAS to come back for a second series!
    Lola for Christmas Number 1!xx

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