Kate Moss for Topshop: The Final Collection

We’ve all heard the stories that Philip Green wanted rid of Kate, that they had fallen out due to her display at the GQ awards where she got horribly drunk, and the rumour that he wanted to make way for his daughter, Chloe, so she could create a line for Topshop.

Most of us will never know what the truth is, but you can see over the 4 years of Kate’s collaboration with Topshop how the demand for her clothes has waned.

I remember when her first collection launched, I’ve never been a huge fan of Kate Moss but I felt that I needed to get something, anything from her line just to say that I had a piece of Kate. Why? I have no idea, maybe the underlying feeling of exclusivity. But most of the first line as fashion experts said, were “overpriced and badly made”, and it’s true but still I wanted to buy something so that in 30 years time it might be pricelessly vintage.

The only problem with that, is there are only certain pieces of her collections that could really be “vintage” or really hard working. Like the much-lusted after Poppy Print Dress. For the final collection it has been relaunched in the Iconic line, and the amount of celebs that have been seen wearing it over the years goes to show how valuable it is, and why after getting up at 830 this morning I couldn’t get my hands on it.

I was looking in my wardrobe and realised I have a few dresses from her collections, bought at full price or in the sale. And I must say my favourite one is this:

A simple black bodycon dress, with a touch of silver to make it that bit more jazzy. I’ve worn this countless times, it’s one of my go-to dresses and the long sleeves keep it up-to-date. This was from Kate’s Christmas 2008 collection, I saw this picture on one of the adverts that were in Topshop showcasing all the main looks. However the dress I reaaaaaallly wanted this:


Sold out the first time round, but relaunched in the Iconic Collection

I also have the Liberty Print Poppy Dress, which wasn’t very well made for the price it was. And my big ass meant the split down the back grew considerably the first night I wore it.

Another dress I own was from her collection last year, the Flame Mesh Halter Dress. Now I was in a phase of liking mesh and backless things so was delighted when I found this in the sale, but I’ve only worn it a couple of times because its ridiculously revealing and requires ALOT of boob tape to secure it.

When I bought the Liberty poppy print dress I also bought a cardigan thatlooked really nice on the site, but what was delivered was a thin awfully knitted out-of-shape cardi, I mean the pattern was great –  red and blue stripes sailor style – which will always come back in fashion, but after wearing it once it goes baggy as hell.

But one of favourite things that I bought was from the very first collection when everything else was totally sold out, a white pair of Rayban style sunglasses with little swallows on the edge of the lense. Perfect. (And I still have the orginal case. Loser.)

The Final Collection is full of typical Kate pieces, and its understandable why some have sold out. But the choice to end the partnership is a good one, Kate will always be a fashion icon but it’s time to make way for a fresh design collaboration. One that will bring Topshop fans in their masses, but who could really beat Lanvin for H&M? Come on Philip pull out all the stops…



4 thoughts on “Kate Moss for Topshop: The Final Collection

  1. I loved that first dress! And those sunglasses are lovely, there’s nothing loser-ish about having the original case either! 🙂
    That mesh top dress looks like it requires A LOT of boob maintenance, not ideal when drinking I imagine!
    I agree that it was a good thing to end it before it felt tired, and Lanvin for H&M is one Topshop are going to have to fight very hard to compete with!

  2. Flashback time…

    I remember a very eventful morning – being jostled and crushed by a crowd of girls younger than me but still old enough to know better – all of us clamouring for the Poppy dress.

    My size had sold out and, despite a university education to suggest some intelligence on my part, I actually prevaricated whether to buy one several sizes too small.

    I left empty-handed and it still smarts.

    Given the quality of her materials, it was perhaps a lucky escape as the bloody thing would have come apart in the wash by now… ;0)

    Sarah x

  3. Thanks Eve for saying I’m not a loser ha! And removing the mesh dress when drunk brought me a world of pain.

    Sarah I was soo close to bidding on a size 8 of the Poppy dress on Ebay and there’s no way I would be able to wear it!! You definitely saved your money! X

  4. I really wanted the lion claw dress too, but the trouble is, everyone will have it. and as great as Kate might be, I don’t want to just become a clothes horse for her. She’s such a trend-maker, I think dressing identically to her undermines what she’s given us.

    Am quite surprised they didn’t bring back that lemon one-shoulder number.

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