The new Spider Man

Andrew Garfield as Spider Man. I know this is old news but it’s still bugging me a little. The Hollywood bigwigs are “rebooting” the web crusader franchise (as they are with so many superhero movies at present) but I’m not entirely sold on whether he is the right guy to portray Peter Parker.

I think the problem with Garfield being the “right guy” is the shoes he has to fill now that Tobey Maguire is no longer Spidey. You get used to an actor playing a character a certain way, Maguire’s geeky look and slight speech impediment (well the way his speech is kind of lisp-y) make Peter Parker the underdog and correctly so.

Now Garfield, has the same geeky look. And when I say geeky, I mean not traditionally good-looking like Ryan Reynolds for example. I picture Spider Man as a buff kinda guy which Maguire was able to do, but Garfield is a bit on the thin stringy side. Can he really change his body shape into that of a superhero? I’m not so sure.

However, I know he was cast for a reason, those bigwigs are bigwigs because they are clever, they can spot an up-and-comer a mile away and this is precisely what Garfield is.

In a recent interview in Interview magazine, he talks about how he had always dreamed of playing Spider Man and now there’s added pressure in “having to live up to this thing that [Peter Parker] is supposed to be or symbolises”.

He also says “When I found out about being cast in Spider-Man, it was like this bubble developed around me. I was floating in it for a while. And then, suddenly, it evaporated, and I was like, “Well, I’m just an actor. I don’t get to actually be Spider-Man.”

So will Garfield be able to add to Peter Parker’s inner struggles by using his own experiences or will he just be over excited playing his childhood hero?

Hopefully his recent films Never Let Me Go alongside Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan, and The Social Network will prove he has potential. I’m willing to be swayed.


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