Runaway by Kanye

Kanye has his fingers in so many pies that his directorial debut in the form of a short film comes as no surprise. 

What is surprising however is how beautifully shot Runaway is, it’s Kanye’s vision in the film but there are so many things that make it visually inviting to watch. The main focus being on The Phoenix, played by Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks.

Selita Ebanks as The Phoenix

Her eyes are so piercing and her body the thing that makes me sick with envy. The phoenix costume is a thing of beauty all on its own, created by Phillip Lim and Martin Izquierdo, it is made up entirely of feathers and barely covers Ebanks lady parts.

The whole make up and costume of the phoenix is amazing, and if I could I would totes dress as a phoenix for Halloween if I could afford Phillip Lim to design me an outfit just like that.

Kanye and The Phoenix

There’s a weird section where there’s a floating Michael Jackson head that I don’t understand, with some guys walking around in KKK masks but maybe that’s just Kanye being Kanye.

My favourite part is the dinner party section, Kanye introduces The Phoenix to his fellow guests and the guy sitting next to him says “You know you’re girlfriend’s a bird, right?” Kanye’s reaction is just too funny. This is also where he launches into the new single Runaway, which has significantly grown on me and the whole point of the film is to showcase his new album and I must say I can’t wait to hear it in it’ entirety.

Ballerinas dancing to Runaway

Kanye has said he has gone back to the sound of College Dropout and Graduation, the latter being my favourite Kanye album so I’m happy that it’s not going to be like 808’s and Heartbreak which I was not fond of.

Runaway is a return to form, and the whole Taylor Swift incident is behind him after being forgiven by the country songtress, it seemed he had a bad year after the whole MTV shenanigan and maybe we should look past the whole stupidity of the act and realise just how good Kanye is at making music. I’m sure plenty of you would rather scratch your own eyes out than watch 35 minutes of Kanye, but I reckon you should give it a try.

The Phoenix rising


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