Blogging Daily…

Agh yes it’s me again… You may wonder why i haven’t been blogging daily as you are so used to. Well my laptop broke the other week and my home computer is not as accessible, in fact it’s downright slow. I have no patientence with slow computers but I really need to blog as I miss it badly.

What has drawn my attention is just how popular Chanel’s Fall 2010 Couture Collection has been the past few months, we’ve seen Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson and now Keira Knightley in a selection of the pieces. Keira attended her London premiere of new film Never Let Me Go in this amazing dress, and I’m pretty much guessing she is the only girl in the world that could pull it off.

Keira Knightley

Secondly for those Supernatural fans amongst us (probably just me) the latest episode was a treat. For the opening  5 minutes we get to see the delicious Jared Padalecki shirt less. Yess I know it’s more abs but what a scene stealer.


I am absolutely loving Alexis Bledel with solid bangs. Good effort, althoughit seems the new do was for the movie you’re currently filming with Saoirse Ronan called Violet & Daisy and what I love even more is that you replaced Carey Mulligan who was set to star in the role. Whoop.

Alexis Bledel at a charity benefit and on set of her new movie

And last I’m going to leave you with Emma Stone who is on the cver of Nylon magaine this month, I neeeeeed to go and see Easy A. Now. Please.


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