Gossip Girl Poll

For those of you that are watcing the new season of Gossip Girl I have created a little poll that I would like you to partake in.

A little recap – The first few episodes were centred around the wonderful Paris, where Blair and Serena had spent their summer chasing after boys and clothes. Unbeknownst to them Chuck had been shot and was being nursed to health by French beauty Clemence Poesy (for all intents and purpose Eva), she was from a poor background and did not know who Chuck really was, ahhh love. I thought her character was fantastic, and it enabled Chuck to be nice for once whilst lavishing her with gifts (after he revealed who he really was thanks to Blair). She stood up to Blair, nothing could bring Eva and Chuck down, well until a strategically placed passport tut tut Blair. Now she has gone, aww sad face.

Ed Westwick and Clemence Poesy (wearing Fendi Spring 2010) on set

And then we come to Juliet played by Katie Cassidy, I don’t like her character one bit. Devious, mean, and crap at playing the Blair and Serena game. She isn’t who she appears to be, which obviously makes for a good storyline but I don’t think Katie Cassidy brings as much glamour as Clemence does, she’s slightly cheesy. Her character is playing love interest to Nate, and he’s already suspicious but not suspicious enough which is stupid. Durrr Nate open your eyes she wants to take down Serena!

Katie Cassidy with Chace Crawford

Now who is the better character or actress, would you like Eva to come back pregnant or Juliet to be Serena’s long lost sister. You decide. Well you don’t really decide that’s upto the writers, but you catch my drift.


2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Poll

  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely detest Juliet. She’s awful, and she’s definitely out to get Serena which drives me even more nuts! Nate is so blinded it’s completely ridiculous. For a second, I thought he got her but nope, she manages to fool him once again. Sighhh. I know this defeats the purpose of the whole show being a drama, but I wish there was one perfect episode… so I can breathe. Haha :p

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