Baby panda sneezing, The Boxer Rebellion and Drew

I went to see Going the Distance last night with my new Bridcard (if you don’t live in Bridlington you won’t get it) and a lovely 241 offer meant we got to see it for £3. Bargain.

Anyway absolutely loved the film, and all it’s movie-like qualities. Boy meets girl, don’t mean to fall in love but do, promise to make a long distance relationship work, wear nice clothes, have sex on table, break up, meet again, happy ever after. You can see it coming a mile off so don’t think I’ve ruined the film for you, but it’s still worth a watch purely for the dry-humping.

I do believe this happened in “real (Hollywood) life” with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, or something like that. She totally rocked out in this film and whoever styled her should win an award. I particularly love the claw earrings towards the end.

One thing that I really enjoyed was the featured band, The Boxer Rebellion. I love it when movies do that, when it’s not always just about the storyline, it’s also about what makes the setting seem more real and likeable, including great music. It was the same with (500) Days of Summer, I ❤ that soundtrack.

As soon as I got out of my seat I said I’m Googling the band, they will be in my iTunes by the end of the week. Let me tell you I’ve had to purchase the CD version (wtf is a CD?!) and it’s not going to arrive until next week, thanks for that Amazon. I hope I will like the other tracks, if anyone has heard The Boxer Rebellion’s music tell me your thoughts.

For now here is a good ol’ video from Youtube, their newest single If You Run.

Oh and also I don’t know why I haven’t seen the baby panda sneezing video but it was in there it was hilarious. Sorry I’m a bit late with that.


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