Unwritten Rules

I have several unwritten rules about outfit choices when going on a night out. You may or may not agree with them, sometimes I break them as they are my rules so I can. But one that I will not be breaking again is never wear trousers.

Yeah I hear you say what are you talking about but think about it, you want to feel all girly and pretty skirts and dresses are a must. Leopard print silk trousers are apparently a faux pas, as much as I loved them when I bought them from Urban Outfitters I think that the town of Bridlington is not ready for something quite like them.

The only thing that stopped me from turning around and going home, after yet another comment about MC Hammer, were my brand spanking new Swallow Cut-Out Wedges from Toppers (another rule always wear heels). I mentioned them a couple of months ago, told myself I should not buy anymore shoes and then on Saturday saw them they had my size and whaddya know they’re wrapped up in a lovely box ready for me to take home. (I feel the need to add that technically because I was returning a dress these beauts on top of student discount only cost £20!)


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