Ok I feel a massive rant coming on… I don’t want to say it but WTF David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole, Ronan Keating, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Vernon Kay, Mark Owen, John Terry, Peter Crouch and the list could go on and on and on.

So maybe some of these are rumours, but some of these have ended in divorce and family break-ups. I just don’t get it. Why why why ruin your life and marriage? And for that matter what actually possesses those women that know full well the particular celebrity they engage in an affair with, has a wife and family? Soulless, heartless, pathetic and money-grabbing.

And we all know, especially as a recent journalism graduate, that the media has a massive role to play in the breaking of news like an affair involving a celebrity male (or female), and it will do nothing for that person’s image if they try to put superinjunctions (aka John Terry) on anything being revealed. Guilty as charged.

Currently InTouch Weekly (USA) are running a front cover with David and Victoria Beckham with the headline “The Ultimate Betrayal”, a former high class call-girl has come forward claiming she had sex with Beckham 5 times back in 2007. The thing that bothers me is that after the whole Loos(e) affair I very much doubt David would even consider to wreck his marriage even more. According to my fellow journos, The Daily Mail has removed the story and the NY Post have decided to not run with the story, only InTouch are confident enough to believe a fame-grabbing w**re.

I hope it’s all crap.


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