I’m back and so are The Like

So I’m back, not that I left my blog unattended for 3 days by choice. I had a very busy weekend, visiting the wonderful city of Hull to sample it’s night delights with a couple of crazy mental people that insisted I get horrifically drunk on wine and blackcurrant Sourz, and then a trip to Manchester to see a very hungover JMG (tut tut) and listen to her recent antics whilst having food at Nandos for the very first time. (I liked the sauces but it’s still overrated)

Anyhoo the reason I’m buzzing today is after picking up my copy of Grazia from the doormat I am delighted to find on page 67 that the “coolest girl band on the planet” are back. Who are the coolest girl band on the planet I hear you ask? Well The Like, that’s who. I have for many years (well since 6th form so what 5 years) wondered where this amazing band had disappeared to.

As Grazia reports they launched as a three-piece back in 2001, I discovered their amazing 2005 debut album Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? and fell in love with their floaty vocals and melodic sound. But apparently The Like faded into the background, even though they received critical acclaim for the album, they were “plagued by mutterings about nepotism” as all their Dads were music industry veterans.

I lost their album and have struggled to find a copy of it since. But now they are back as a four-piece, with original band members Elizabeth ‘Z’ Berg  and Tennessee Thomas, and new members Annie Monroe and Laena Geronimo with their new album Release Me.

The Like

I am ordering a copy as I type.


One thought on “I’m back and so are The Like

  1. good god I remember the Like, that what I say and what I mean song was stuck in my head for years haha. I kind of preferred their old image though? and the dark haired bassist has been replaced! Boo 😦

    glad you think Nando’s is overrated – I have been once and I can’t understand what the fuss was about. It’s just. chicken.


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