Fall TV – Nikita

There are always plenty of new television premieres when fall season comes around, I don’t always watch them all but one I have seen is Nikita.

Starring Maggie Q (Mission Impossible 3 and Die Hard 4) as the trained assassin, Nikita is a rebel who escaped the so-called Division. Part of the US government they covertly train young offenders offering them a second chance at life by becoming lethal weapons. The new recruit replacing Nikita is Alex played by Lyndsy Fonseca (Desperate Housewives and Kick Ass) who has plenty of secrets, and my favourite character is Amanda played by Melinda Clarke who will be recognised from playing THE Julie Cooper in The OC.

The season premiere was pretty awesome, and coming from the CW channel I was hoping it would be in the same league as Supernatural and Gossip Girl which it most definitely is.

So if there is one show that you should look out for when ti comes to UK tv or if you have the time to watch tv shows online Nikita is that show. And the gorgeous Maggie Q dressed appearing very frequently in her underwear and various skimpy outfits will always help the ratings.


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