Hello Coco

I got really excited by the new Marks and Spencer’s Autumn advert, especially at the end where all those west highland white terriers. Just so you know these are my FAVOURITE EVER dogs, I already have a name* for mine picked out when I eventually get one of my own.

I can’t find a screen shot of the ad, or in fact the actual full length version so here is a cute pic instead.


Aw my future Coco*


2 thoughts on “Hello Coco

  1. Ditto ditto ditto!!! We have a Westie called Molly! She’s 6 now and is the most fabulous girl in the world! She is the apple of our familys eyes and we love her to bits! She had puppies last year adn they were beautiful!

    I too have searched for the M & S advert where is it?? Why is it never on TV now? Come on M & S!!!!!!

  2. My two Westies rush up to the TV when the M&S ad comes on. So many lovely Westies in that ad – I wonder where they got them all from. Anyone wanting to see the ad can type in M&S Westie ad on Google and it will come up.

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