Please can I have your hair?

At the Venice Film Festival Michelle Williams was spotted at the premiere of her new movie Meek’s Cutoff looking gorgeous as always. I like the Jason Wu dress she is wearing but not the collar part, it makes it slightly frumpy but the beading detail is delightful. I just adore that hair cut and wish I had the balls to get my hair like that but I’m growing it now and I have to stick with it. And there is no way in hell I’d be able to get it dyed that blonde, but I can dream.

I’m also about 3 episodes away from the end of my Dawson’s Creek boxset, Jen’s death scene is imminent and it would be only the second time I’ve ever seen it because I couldn’t bring myself to watch it the last time around.

Michelle Williams in Jason Wu


One thought on “Please can I have your hair?

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