I can’t get enough of…

…Kelis’ album Flesh Tone. She has gone in this kind of dance sound direction and it totally works. No more milkshakes, ALOT more fireworks. And it’s definitely not my usual cup of tea but my ears have broadened their horixzon and they LIKE THIS.

Stand out track after Acapella is definitely the already-released 4th of July (Fireworks):

And my next favourite would be Scream, a song I would definitely work up a sweat to in a club.


2 thoughts on “I can’t get enough of…

  1. Having bought the majority of her previous work, I was pretty surprised by this change of direction for Kelis.

    I never expected someone with such a rich, complex and soulful voice to ‘squander’ their talent over dance tracks… but – shock, horror – I also love the new album.

    I guess a change really can be as good as a rest…

    Sarah x

    P.S: Thank you again for your great comment on my blog. How do you find the Tom Ford lipstick? I’ve been tempted by them but the price scares the cr*p outta me and I read a review that the texture is grainy. Would love to hear your thoughts! :0)

  2. See I don’t own any of her other albums but knew that this was a big change, I think she still manages to project her amazing voice which is why it’s soooo good lol!

    No problem! Thanks for your replies! I found it on Harrods online, just got it today and am wearing it and I like it. I find it quite moisturising but have noticed that I need to exfoliate my lips first to make it look smoother, the colour is delish though!

    Natalie x

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