9021-size zero?

You know what I like to watch 90210, the new version of Beverley Hills 90210 television series that was around from 1990 to 2000.

It’s okay, it showcases some nice pieces of fashion and the story lines are out there with all the other teen soaps in the US.

The one thing that bothers me is the disappearing frame of AnnaLynne McCord. I mean her mouth just becomes more prominent every time I see a picture of her, she needs some fat on her to distract from staring into that black hole.

Here she is at the CBS/The CW/Showtime Summer Party at the Beverley Hilton Hotel in California, don’t get me wrong she looks gorgeous in the dress but she is just so tiny.

AnnaLynne McCord

On set filming:

Filming a party scene for 90210

I suppose she’s not all ribs and jutting bones skinny, but it just seems when she’s sharing a camera with someone as gorgeous as Jessica Lowndes who is probably the most natural and curviest of the cast you wonder why she feels the need to be that tiny! It’s ridiculous that Jessica is probably called ‘the fat one’ even though she’s probably only a UK size 8, when the girls of the cast are stood next to each other she would be the one normal girls would associate with and it’s nice to see that she’s happy not super skinny.

Jessica Lowndes

It’s probably just jealousy from me that AnnaLynne gets to share a bed with Kellan Lutz, he’s so fit and hunky that I bet he wonders he might snap her in half if he touches her. And that’s without being a vampire…

Kellan and AnnaLynne


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