Sexy Welch

I’ve just been browsing and they have a feature on Beach Chic, and I must admit I do love looking at swimwear and the way that designers accessorise the beach outfits. I just find it difficult to really channel the same or similar looks, I mean when you go to the beach or on holiday can you really get away with a cut-out swimsuit or a mahoosive jewelled necklace, all I’d keep thinking is “what about my tan lines??!!!”

I think this amazing picture that Vogue have used of Raquel Welch is classic and stunning, and goes back to a simpler time and design.

Raquel Welch

However I do like a few of the swimsuits that are featured in the gallery, and if I had the time and money I would go ahead and load up my suitcase with fantastic pieces and wear a different one every day I’d be lazing about on my imaginary beach in Fiji.

I think this suit by VPL would look 10 times better on me, I have what is called curves not juttin hip bones.


Michael Kors


Emilio Pucci

I’ve got plenty of ideas now for when I go on my travels next year, I hope I get spotted for Vogue Australia haha!


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