San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Okay I have to say something about the genius that is Comic-Con. I’ve come to realise these past few years how much of a BIG DEAL it is. And I wish I was there.

According to Wikipedia the convention was founded in 1970 by comic fan Shel Dorf, so it’s been going strong for 30 years.

It’s grown considerably in popularity and from just showcasing comic books. Now it seems Comic-Con is the recreational site of choice for self-confessed celebrity geeks, most are actors/actresses/directors/producers/stars from television series and the like.

I mean where else would you see (apart from say the Oscars) would you see Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively and Natalie Portman under the same roof?

All there for their respective films, Angie sat on the panel for her new action movie Salt, where she said: “I think this is a better action movie than the ones I have done.” And as we all know Angie is a fan of the semi-automatic kind of weapon and she added, “I got to play with just about everything including using a fire extinguisher in a way I’d never used it.”

For the Green Lantern panel, Blake Lively showcased her talents (yes I’m talking about her boobs) and Ryan Reynolds was there too looking all dishy. JustJared reported that a female attendee had tweeted about the panel, “Nerds in Hall H transfixed… It’s like a normal dress but only it’s missing a chest piece. Even I’m transfixed.” Fantastic. I’m plenty sure that Scarlett Johansson only agreed to be in The Avengers is so she could go to Comic-Con and spy on her hubby Ryan Reynolds.

*Update – Blake is wearing Preen’s Haulster Bra

"Oh I hope my boobs stay in..."

Yes for me the big announcement, well I hadn’t heard that Joss Whedon had decided on the cast of The Avengers until Comic-Con, but who would play who in this hugely anticipated comic-movie.

Samuel L. Jackson – Nick Fury

Scarlett Johansson – reprising her role as Black Widow

Chris Hemsworth – Thor

Chris Evans – Captain America

Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man

And Tah dah….

Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye

Mark Ruffalo – The Hulk

The last being my favourite, I really am excited to see Ruffalo play the green monster, the whole movie will be tres good.

The Line-Up

I also saw a little preview of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack (yess someone had illegally recorded it and posted it on Youtube but it was awesome), there were plenty of other reveals including some from Alan Ball the creator of True Blood.

So let’s just talk about how effing fantastic that show is. Adapted from the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris (I am currently reading them I suggest you go out and buy them all NOW) it follows a a telepathic barmaid, the title character, who realises she lives in an amazingly dangerous world of the supernatural which she is begrudgingly a part of. Think sexy vampires (nothing like Twilight), hot werewolves, weird maenads, witches (books not the show yet) and fairies. Yes FAIRIES.

If you think this sounds like shit, then you are wrong you have not sampled the delights of Eric and co. Here he is in his glory:

Eric Northmann Viking Vampire and Sheriff

Here’s the Season 3 preview that was aired:

Oh yeah and Olivia Munn was there next to some stormtroopers (yeah every Star Wars’ geek wet dream):

Oh hi do you know me?

As well as all these wonderful people and wonderful films and television shows, comic books, fantasy novels, video games, anime and collectibles I would just like to say how much I would like to have been there. And as discussed with fellow blogger Contains Scenes of Mild Peril and fellow tweeters, I want to be there one day. One day…


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