Jolie nice to see you in colour

Angelina at the Salt premier in Russia

Wowza, Angie you look lovely. I’ve never been a huge fan of you but this dress and THAT colour really suits you. Why do you always insist on wearing black and looking gaunt? This makes you look alive!

Also in regards to my previous post of Cameron Diaz’s outfit (urgh) I believe this is a reflection of how well each movie is doing. According to Box Office statistics, Knight and Day is ranked a lowly #11 raking it only $1.7m this weekend where as Salt in it’s opening weekend has amassed a whopping $36.5m one place behind the current leader Inception.


2 thoughts on “Jolie nice to see you in colour

  1. Holy Cr*p…

    I feel as though my eyes deceive.

    Do we really have a Jolie. In colour? And looking almost – shock, horror – shapely?

    Sarah x

    P.S: As a completely lazy sod, this is a little late but I wanted to thank you for leaving such lovely comment on my blog. I definitely think you should get formspring – it’s fun, if you can ignore the weirdos! ;0)

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