Olivia is no Munn-ter (geddit?)

I like to read celebrity gossip, I’m not going to lie and it’s pretty obvious if you read my blog how much I talk about celebrities. Some feature more than others, but on JustJared I noticed they have some kind of fascination with Olivia Munn.

Who you say? Yes that is also what I thought, with the majority of the sites I read focused on US celebrity culture there are some that star that I have no idea whatsoever who they are.

I’ll give you a little bio, Olivia Munn is an absolute stunner, but with a girl-next-door kind of pretty so she doesn’t seem that threatening. She is hailed as some kind of “geek”, as she’s the host of G4’s Attack of the Show (G4 must be cable channel or something) which is some kind of sci-fi/computer games/films etc show and OMG there’s this hot girl presenting it.

Munn also starred in Iron Man 2 as Chess Roberts (Yeh I can’t remember her in it either…) as well as this she is a correspondent for The Daily Show a fake news show, with the tagline “When news breaks, we fix it”. So she’s funny as well as some kind of geek, she’s hot, and she’s funny. God does anyone else get a chance?

Oh yeah and she was also at Comic-Con this year, signing copies of her book “Suck it Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek”, OMG she has written a book as well?!!

This is what she said it’s about: “I want young girls who read it to feel empowered that there’s somebody who went through all of this and made it out on the other end”. Jeez, she’s nice as well and got to date Chris Pine.

Oh and the fascination may be something to do with this:

Or this:

So to sum up Olivia Munn is like a saint in the celebrity world, not quite on par with Angie Jolie and her rainbow family, but she went naked for PETA, she doesn’t take herself seriously, supports geeks and has a cute smile. Oh and she has her own fan club in Austin that she visits!

Please can I be your friend?


2 thoughts on “Olivia is no Munn-ter (geddit?)

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